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For the grouped deliveries, or deliveries that we will be allowed to deliver at own time preferences, the price might be discounted. Meaning these deliveries will be in no rush, we will deliver at our own convenience time, we will share with the customer expected convenience time to deliver and if they will agree then we can offer a discount as well.



For the number of deliveries which happens to be on straight line locations, the charges will be discounted .


For example, delivery starts at Surrender Police Post,then goes to Dar Free Market Mall, then Morocco, then Makumbusho,then sayansi. In total those are 6 orders in which each one is 3,000Tsh total of 15,000 Tsh. If those orders are coming from one person, then we will be discounted for that reason 


Definitions of A and B names

A and B depend on distance from the road,and also how far from the origin point.

A= Means close to the bus stand

B=Means far from the bus stand

1=Means close to the city centre

2= Means far from the city centre

For example Kimara 1= Kibo-Bucha

                       Kimara 2=Korogwe-Suka

Keep in mind you can have Kimara 2A and Kimara 2B

          2B= Means far from city centre,but far from the bus stand

          (Kimara Baruti but very interior)

For example Kimara A= close to the bus stand

                      Kimara B= far from the bus stand



1 & 2 means they are on the same main road but different stops,1 is the one closer to City centre and 2 is the one far from the city centre

For example Mbezi Kwa komba it’s not the same as Mbezi Africana,even they are all the same distance from the main road.

But also Mbezi Africana; You can have two deliveries,both say Mbezi African, but one close to the main road and the other far from the main road.











1.Around City Center general price is 3,000 Tsh

This include to and fro, should be both ends are within the boundaries of city center


(Posta,Kariakoo,magomeni,Kinondoni,Upanga,Mikocheni,Oysterbay,Masaki,Makumbusho,Ilala,Mwananyamala and Sinza)

City Centre includes all above and any other area close to those locations.


Exceptional of the 3000 Tsh Price

·  Except Sinza From Palestian to Shekilango 4000 

·  Except Mikocheni ,the far Mikocheni is 4000 (One closer To kawe and Mbezi Beach.

·  This applies to far areas, some areas have long definitions and boundaries







Routes 1

·  Routes 1(Morogoro Road)

        Magomeni         3000-4000

           Manzese             4000-5000 

           Mabibo                  4000-6000

·                 Ubungo-   4000-5000(Waiting)

           Msewe-                5000-6000

·  Kimara A               6000-7000

·  Kimara B            7000-9000

·  Mbezi A                9000-10000

·  Mbezi B                10000-12000

·  Mbezi Maramba 2    12000-14000

·  Mbezi Msumi          12000-14000

·  Mbezi Msakuzi       12000-14000

·  Mpigi Magohe         13000-15000

·  KibambaA               12000-14000

·  Kimbaba B               14000-16000

   Mloganzila  15000-16000(Waiting)

·  Kiluvya  A           14000-16000

·  Kiluvya B            16000-18000

·  Kibaha A               18000-20000

   Kibaha B          20000-23000


Route 2     Bagamoyo Road


·  Mwenge                         4000-5000

·  Lugalo/Makongo       5000

          Kawe                    5000-6000

·  Mbezi Beach A           6000-8000

·  Mbezi Beach B         8000-10000

  Goba A               7000-8000

             Goba B              8000-10000

  Madale A            12000-14000

  Madale B           14000-16000

  Kunduchi A         9000-12000

  Tegeta    A          9000-10000

 Tegeta B            10000-12000

 Boko A                11000-13000 

Boko B                 13000-14000

Bunju A               13000-15000 

Bunju B                15000-17000



Route 3  Mandela Road


·  Riverside-Tabata A     5000-6000

 Riverside- Tabata  B 6000-8000

·  Kinyerezi       10000-12000

  Segerea          10000-12000

·  Mabibo             40000-6000

 Buguruni             6000-7000




 Route 4 Sam Nujoma Road

   Mwenge         4000-5000

   Mcity             4000-5000

  UDSM          4000-5000(Outside the gate)

UDSM   8000-10000( Inside the gates)                        

 Makongo juu       6000-8000

     Goba A              8000-10000

    Goba B               10000-12000

Route 5


·  Tazara             5000-6000

·  Vingunguti        7000-8000

·  Airport               8000-10000

   Ukonga              10000-12000

·  Gongo La mboto 13000-15000      

·  Pugu                  15000-17000

·  Chanika A          16000-18000

·  Chanika B           18000-20000



Route 6


·  Changombe        4000-5000

    Kurasini              6000-7000

·  Mtongani               7000- 9000 

·  Taifa                      5000-6000

·  Temeke                8000-10000

·  Mbagala A           10000-12000

·  Mbagala B           12000-13000

·  Chamazi              15000-17000


Route 7     Kigambo

·  Kigamboni A   6000-7000(Ferry na maeneo ya karibU


Kigamboni B    6000-8000(Mikadi na maeneo ya karibu


Kigamboni C     8000-10000(Mji mwema,sun rise maeneo ya karibu

Kigamboni D     10000-1200


Kigamboni E   13000-16000(Kibada,Twangoma,Geza urole,fun city)






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